I'm you. I'm your neighbor; your friend!

I am a working mother and wife. I have dirty dishes in the sink, unmade beds and have to use the internet to help me understand my 6th grader’s homework. My evenings are jam packed with sports stuff, laundry, talking to my husband, homework, grocery shopping and supervising the building of an Egyptian pyramid.

Frustrated, irked, annoyed and peeved with typical recipe sites, I decided to create a new website geared solely to “I can’t believe it” fast recipes WITH NO ANNOYING ADS. I hope as you scroll through the recipes on this website you often think, “tasty recipes can’t be THAT FAST!” But, let myself and all my testers assure you, “YES THEY CAN!”


What We Offer

Fast delicious recipes for normal people. We create them so they are easy to follow and deliver them with NO annoying pop up ads. SIMPLE AND FAST is the name of our game!
"I can't believe it" fast.
No dicing or mincing.
Tested by myself & trusted partners.
No rambling and NO ADS.

Keep It Stupid Simple

Our site is easy to use, with very easy to make recipes. One simple plan gets you recipes for appetizers, meals, sides and desserts. Nothing complicated and there are NO ANNOYING POP UP ADS!

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